About Us

About Us

We pair professional security testers with senior developers to enable the highest level of comprehension of your application so that we can provide the best security advice possible

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Our staff have collectively over 50 years of software security experience, defending applications and ecosystems as both developers and testers.

From startups to enterprise corporations, we have seen and done it all - so understand the unique requirements your business will have at any stage of its life - making us the perfect partner for any digital job.

It takes a colossal amount of effort to create a successful, long lasting business - and it can all come apart so easily when put out into the wild.

Our mission is to actively decrease risk by identifying vulnerabilities and proactively protecting your digital assets - therefore, increasing trust in your brand and ultimately, your success.

William Tonkin-Howe (left)
Chief Executive Officer

Paul Sanderson (right)
Chief Technology Officer

Karan Sharma
Lead Offensive Security Consultant

Our leadership has over 18 years of programming and technical management each which enables us to have a deep technical understanding of any digital ecosystem we will test. Partnered with hand picked staff who specialise in security testing, we make a formidable team of ethical testers who are committed to making the future a safer place.

  • Information Gathering

After contacting us, we will set up an initial call to gather information about your project requirements.

  • Definition and Quote

Our team will define the work to be actioned, raise a quote and answer any questions you might have.

  • Testing and Reports

Once you have signed the project off, we will thoroughly test your software and produce a set of comprehensive reports.

  • Review and Support

We will then walk you and your team through the reports, identifying any vulnerabilities found and advise on solutions.

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