Security Governance

We can help you establish a set of rules, procedures and best practices that enforce a balance of security and usefulness to both your business and staff from the top down. By teaching your executive management how and why to do things in certain ways, we can all help keep your digital ecosystem safe from intentional and unintentional harm.

Simple, but effective rules

We don't believe complex rules for staff work, people don't remember them, or just find them frustrating with no thought as to why they might exist. Simple and effective rules that people can understand are best. We will help you establish a core list of rules that make a big impact to your security, but minor impact to your staff.

OS configuration and Application Restrictions

Blocking your staff from installing random meme applications from Russia can be a great way to minimise your chances of being compromised - luckily there are tools available that solve this problem so we can help you find the right solution for your team.

Secure communication

We can provide guidance and toolsets to ensure your communication stays safe in your hands. Unintentional company data leaks are almost always because of relaxed and uncontrolled management of communication.

Secure data management

Where you store your data and how you access it is also equally important. By managing the way your data can be stored you can greatly reduce the chances of it getting hijacked or spread around the internet.

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